With the right help, planning your child’s party can be EASY! If you would like additional help or advice, please feel free to consult one of our event coordinators at any time. They are standing by, ready to help make your party great!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance do we have to book?

The safest way in planning for a birthday is four to six weeks in advance. That’s gives us the ability to guarantee you a time slot you are looking for. Booking a couple of days before the event might be hard to send a performer out to you for the time your looking for.

How much room do you need for your shows?

That really depends on the number a kids you’re expecting at the party. Usually from our experience a normal sized living room with all the furniture moved to sides will be enough for fewer than twenty kids. If you’re expecting over twenty kids you might want to consider the backyard. If the weather is not on your side that day than a spacious garage is always a great option.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes. We offer $25 off any two characters show booked for an hour 2 weeks before the event is booked. Also all shows booked during Monday through Friday are discounted as well.  Inquire about our monthly promotions and coupons available.

Is there a deposit required to reserve a Character?

Yes, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve any services or $100 Security Deposit to book any equipment. If your booking is under $100 we will give you your remaining balance at the end of the event.

Do you do Birthdays at the Park?

We cater to park parties all the time. We only require you to tell us what Area/Corner of the park you will be using. If you have booked a park that does not have a power outlet let us know and we will bring our own power generator (Additional costs may apply).

How do I reserve your services?

Simple! Sign up here or Just dial (323) 800-7056 and one of our friendly event coordinators will help you through the process and gladly answer any questions you might have. If you would like us to call you at a time convenient to you than simply “get a quote online”.

At Masguise Party Characters we want to do everything we can to make your party nothing less than perfect! With a team of experienced performers well trained to cater to both small and large audiences, we have the expertise to make it easy and entertaining for everyone involved.

Cancellation Policy

Regardless of when your booking was placed, if for any reason you cancel your reservation your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  All deposits will be will be held for one year starting on the date the event was booked for in the customers name for use for a future rental.

Time or date changes are subject to availability. Your first time/date change is free however every time/date beyond that may incur a $25 fee.

Please call us at least 7 days before your party date to cancel any service; this gives us a chance to rebook  for another party. We will keep any deposit fees for 12 months toward any future order. If you cancel less than 7 days there is no credit given. (There will be no refunds given)  If you place your order with us less than 7 days from your party  there is no cancellations. If you are hiring an entertainer there are NO cancellations, however you may reschedule for a future date.

Terms & Conditions


The client agrees to inform Masguise Party Characters of any other party entertainment or of the presence of a bounce house, slide, pool, or other recreational equipment that may be at the event.

Note: Although these can be an added attraction to one’s event, bounce houses and other recreational equipment can be a major distraction for the entertainer. If the performer feels that the party is too loud during their performance, they reserve the right not to sing as it may damage their vocal cords trying to compete against the noise level. The client agrees that a bounce house may need to be off-limits to children during a performer’s story time and the client will provide assistance for the performer during the face painting activity. To keep it fair, children’s hands may be numbered during face painting, and performer will need assistance in having children ready when their number is called.


Due to our performers’ strict schedules, the client’s party timeline must accomodate that of the performer. This includes serving lunch.


Performers can be expected to stay only for the duration the client has ordered. A client must refrain from disrupting a performer’s start time, and must not delay them from leaving. Failure to comply will result in the client being billed $2 per minute. If you decide during the party that you would like the performer to stay for additional time, the cost is $50 per half-hour and will be billed to your credit card we have on file or paid in cash directly to the performer. Performer availability after the allotted time is not guaranteed.


Our entertainers are hired as performers, not child care providers. As such, clients must monitor and take responsibility for any disruptive guest’s behavior.


If serving lunch, please notify us if something with a staining agent is being served. All of our costumes are elaborately made; custom creations and some foods can permanently damage a costume.


Please notify us if glues and paints will be used which can also damage a costume.


Here at Party Characters, we do our best to make sure that our performers are on time for your event. In order to better serve you, we request that you notify us of any unusual traffic situations in your area and may have a negative impact on a performer reaching your destination on time. Examples: Fleet Week, Parades, Stadium, Raceway Events, Amusement Park, Highway or road that may typically have a lot of traffic etc. This will help in ensuring your performer is at your event on time. Failure to mention traffic-inducing special events such as those stated above, may result in tardiness.


Many of our performer’s work multiple parties. It is therefore important to have their payment ready upon leaving. All payment is made payable to the performer by cash ONLY. Gratuity is not included in the final bill, but is certainly appreciated in letting your performer know how much you enjoyed the performance.


Performers must be shaded and hydrated for all outdoor parties where the temperature is hot. A performer must be kept out of any muddy, thorny areas and away from water sources. A clean, sturdy chair must be provided for all park parties.


Performers are not permitted outside while it is raining, on days when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees or in areas where the ground or grass is wet. Our entertainers are often wearing heavy costumes & wigs. To prevent heat-related illness, please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade and iced water available for the performer at your outdoor event.


Client agrees to assist the performer in and out by having someone bring in and take out their trunk items.


Upon booking your event with us, we will do our best to guarantee a certain performer & character. However, booking is subject to change as illnesses or personal situations can arise. If your scheduled performer is not able to make it, we will do our best in replacing them with another performer.


All requested changes must be submitted in writing to masguise@gmail.com. Changes will not be made until we respond back to you in acknowledgement. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm. Sat-Sun are “on call” office hours.

14. PERFORMER SWITCH: On occasion we do have to switch performers due to illnesses or personal changes in their schedule. Masguise Party Characters reserves the right to make this change. Therefore, no singing performers are guaranteed.


Upon booking, the number of guests is set between the client and Masguise Party Characters. It is therefore the responsibility of the client to give us an accurate amount of children invited, and to notify us if anything changes in writing. This includes both decreases and increases in numbers.

17. MUSIC:

For all large parties, it is important that there is no loud music playing during the performer’s story time. If music is playing, we suggest putting the performer and children in a quiet location during this time so that the children can focus on her and get the best experience possible.


The characters pictured on our website are from previous events. Our costumes and performers may vary slightly from those pictured.


Customers are responsible for Parking fees incurred due to the locations of the event.