Balloon Decorations

When you have a party, what’s better than decorating with balloons? They’re fun, easy to inflate, easy to arrange and if you really don’t feel like it, you can simply throw them around for the kids to play with them. Check out the next balloon decoration ideas and see which ones fit your party most.

Balloon Arches. They are the most adorable balloon decorations. You can choose whatever combination of colors you want and match the rest of the party decorations to the arch.

Balloon Flowers. These ones are really fun and they come in whatever size you wish for your party, and. Any colors.

Ceiling Balloon Decorations. Among the most impressive balloon decorations you can find our ceiling decorations. They can go perfectly well in every room, but they are more suitable for events like a wedding, not so much for a regular party, unless you want an extravagant one.

Balloon Characters. You can be sure that your kid will be absolutely thrilled when he will see Mickey and Minnie Mouse made from balloons at his own birthday party! More than that, you can have any character he likes made out of balloons. Even more impressive would be to leave your kid to imagine himself/herself an original character and to have it made of balloons. That’s an interesting party!

Spirals. Spirals are quite common in balloon decoration ideas, so why not use them for your party? Most often they combine the rainbow colors, but you can choose whatever combination you like, given that it matches the rest of the party colors.

Hearts. The balloon hearts are not uncommon at all, on the contrary, they are still the cutest balloon decoration ideas you can try for your party or event. You can even take a highlighter and write on them whatever you want, or even have your guests write their messages on the balloons instead of happy birthday cards.

Ice Cream Cones. Quite an unusual choice for balloon decoration ideas, but a very funny one are the ice cream cones made of balloons. Kids will adore them and they will probably ask for real life ice cream, which is perfect on a sunny day.

Transparent Balloons. Though they’re not so popular, they’re much more appropriate for a serious party, like a wedding or an anniversary, rather than a normal birthday for the kids. More than that, you can always improvise and fill them with colored confetti for a nice contrast and even decorate them on the outside with bows or ribbons. Usually, for a more elegant look, you can try some silver or gold decorations, but be careful with the rest of the decorations.